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Bluebird Airways operates flights to Crete. We also fly to numerous other destinations in Europe and Greece such as sunny Crete, exquisite Vienna, enchanting Kos, and many more.

We fly direct. Our prices are low and our standards are high.

Our flights to Crete are direct in our Boeing 737. Our professional team of cabin crew will make sure you’ll feel at ease during the flight, from takeoff to landing. We depart from Terminal 3 in Tel Aviv airport.

Our reputation is based on your safety, enjoyment and care - and our high quality teams are dedicated to making sure you’ll be smiling from the first moment you come on board.

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Experience Greece in all its glory: Welcome to Crete

Mountains, rivers, beaches, blue sea, turquoise lagoons, majestic caves, and more and more incredible nature in one of the prettiest Islands in the world. Crete has it all, and it offers so much more to still explore and discover. It’s the biggest Island in Greece and a famous place mentioned in countless legends, mythologies, arts and cultural pieces for centuries, and no wonder.

Crete has an abundance of areas to visit, ranging from large and impressive cities and old charming villages along its coast line. The most prominent part of a vacation in Crete has hundred of sandy beaches to enjoy, covered with local cafes and taverns offering the famous Greek kitchen. Fresh vegetables, fish, olive oil, seafood, goat cheese, filled pastry and more mouth watering traditional Greek cuisine are everywhere to be found. A vacation in Crete is a tasty one.

In the city center of Heraklion you’ll find great local restaurants, in Knossos you’ll find the archaeological wonders thousand of years old, in Chania you’ll find a mix of Turkish and Roman history in the old city and port, and for active adventure seekers the Samaria Gorge canyon will provide a great walking trail. Not to mention party and nightlife city Malia, or the luxurious Elounda offering a high class variety of hospitality, and nearby Island Spinalonga. For some water sports and even shopping you’ll enjoy the touristy yet charming Chersonissos. In addition, the villages in Crete offer a unique glimpse of authentic Greek craftsmanship, such as Anogia and also Kritsa. The list can go on and on, because Crete has it all.

Visit Crete to get the best of Greece while enjoying world class beaches, food and nightlife!