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We gathered in this page all you need to know to ensure a comfortable‚ pleasant and safe flight with us.


Passangers with medical condition (such as cardiac condition‚ chronic respiratory conditions‚ seizures‚ etc.) need to fill the MEDIF/Fit-to-Fly Statement stamped and signed by an independent physician or specialist in English and send it to at least 7 days before departure.

Please Contact Us for any medical condition which requires our special attention before and during flight (by selecting "Report a Medical Condition" at "Subject" field) and/or contact our crew member while boarding and we will be happy to assist.

Please note that passengers with special medical conditions might be refused to go on board.



In cases of special requests due to reduced mobility (use of a wheelchair‚ flying with a service dog‚ etc.)‚ please contact us after booking (by selecting "Report a Medical Condition" at "Subject" field).

Passengers with special needs should arrive to the check-in counters at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight.

For passengers who need such an assistant‚ there are appropriate means and facilities in all operating airports (such as wheelchairs and aircraft lifters equipment).

If you are flying with your own wheelchair‚ we will collect it at the entrance to the aircraft and return it to you upon landing.

For our Wheelchair acceptance policy please click here.  

Please note that passengers with reduced mobility or special needs are not allowed to seat on the emergency exits seats and on aisle seats.


Passengers flying with Portable Oxygen Concentrator must fill the Portable Oxygen Concentrator Check-List Form and send it to at least 7 days before departure‚ together with the following documents:  

  • Manual of the device
  • Photos of the device battery and the device
  • Official medical statement for the use of POC by an independent physician or specialist in English
  • In cases the passenger has further underlying medical conditions apart from respiratory issues‚ then an Official medical statement MEDIF/Fit-to-Fly Statement stamped and signed by an independent physician or specialist in English

Please note:

  • The POC must be powered only by non-spillable batteries and/or lithium batteries not exceeding 100 Watt-hours. Please check here for additional information regarding Batteries.
  • Connection to the aircraft electrical power is not permitted‚ nor is the use of Power Banks.
  • The user must carry batteries for the 150% of the maximum flight duration to power the device to cover any unexpected delays‚ gate holds‚ diversions or cancellations.
  • Spare batteries are limited to two per POC‚ each must not exceeding 100 Watt-hours‚ must be individually protected in a plastic bag/ pouch‚ stored under the passenger’s front seat and should be monitored at all times for fumes.
  • Passenger should be capable of operating the equipment‚ if not he has to be accompanied by a capable adult.



Please click here for all you need to know about flying when pregnant.