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Passengers must hold a valid personal identification document (ID or passport‚ depends on the passenger nationality and the relevant authority requirement) in all airports that they visit otherwise there is the risk of being deported back to their originating airport and be charged according to the local legislation with a respective fine that can reach up to 5‚000 USD.

It’s under Passengers responsibility to present to any competent border police authority a valid non-expired personal identification document (ID or passport).  

Passengers must check with their local embassy for any VISA requirements 14 days prior their travelling date. 


In case the passport is lost or stolen on your destination country‚ please follow the following steps:

  • Report it immediately to the local police authority and make sure that you receive an official report of how and when the passport was lost or stolen
  • Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of your country of residence and acquire an official document confirming your citizenship in order to present them to both departing and arriving border control police during their return flight.
  • Contact Blue Bird Airways Passenger Department who will verify that your documents are in order‚ who will also inform accordingly the border police authority for a trouble free return to your country of residence.