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Valuable items‚ portable electronic devices‚ lithium batteries‚ lighters‚ and syringes for medical use are all required special attention. Please check this page for any restrictions‚ limitations and other guidance for those items. 


Please note that the transportation of any Dangerous Goods is forbidden. 


Please check Liquide and Food Allowance


Fragile or perishable articles‚ including medication or medical devices‚ money‚ jewelry‚ silverware‚ electronics‚ camera‚ laptop computers‚ personal audio/video devices‚ negotiable documents‚ samples of business documents or other valuables must be placed in carry-on baggage‚ as these items will not be accepted as checked baggage. Any such items declared or found in checked baggage shall be subject to removal prior to the baggage in question being accepted for carriage by the Carrier.


Portable electronic devices (PED's) such as mobile phones‚ electronic readers and tablet computers are allowed in all of our flights in flight mode.

Large electronic devises need to be stored for takeoff and landing.

Large PEDs‚ power banks‚ spare batteries (for PEDs only) and e-ciga­rettes should be carried in the passenger cabin whenever possible;

  • Spare Batteries (maximum of 2 items / passenger) should be wrapped individually in plastic bags or insulated to prevent acci­dental activation.
  • Passengers should ensure that PED devices are either disabled or deactivated and will not be powered on during its transport on purpose or accidentally by any application‚ alarm or pre-set con­figuration.

Passengers are advised if PED that cannot be carried in the passenger cabin (e.g. due to its size)‚ and therefore has to be carried in checked baggage‚ are:

  • Completely switched off and effectively protected from accidental activation.
  • Ensure the device is never powered on during its transport by any application‚ alarm or pre-set configuration that may activate it‚ shall be disabled or deactivated.
  • Protected from the risk of accidental damage by applying suitable packaging or casing or by being placed in a plastic bag protected by adequate cushioning (e.g. clothing).
  • Not carried in the same baggage together with flammable mate­rial (e.g. perfumes‚ aerosols‚ etc.)


Please check here Blue Bird Airways Lithium Battery Acceptance Allowance


One Lighter per person is allowed and it must be included in the clear re-sealable bag (due to their liquid content‚ these items fall under the rules of liquids‚ gels‚ and aerosols) in order to pass the security screening checkpoint (after which time the lighter must be removed from the bag and carried on your person). Lighters cannot be placed in checked baggage on any flight‚ for safety reasons. Matches must always be carried on one’s person‚ and only safety matches are allowed (not the ones with the phosphorus).


Passengers may only carry such items as syringes‚ Epi-Pen and hypodermic needles if for personal medical use during the flight‚ with the needle's guard in place‚ and when accompanied by labeled medication and/or a Doctor's certificate (for further instructions please consult Blue Bird Airways Passenger Department.)

If you wish to transport fragile items‚ you will be asked to sign a Limited Release Form when checking your baggage to indicate that the transport of the items is at your own risk. 

For any enquiries in reference to the transport of such dangerous goods please contact the airline for further clarifications and transport approval.