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Food in either semi-solid or liquid form (honey‚ olive oil‚ sauces etc) must be suitably packed in wooden boxes with absorbent material to prevent leaks which may cause damage to the property of others.

The Carrier assumes no liability for the delay in delivery of and/or destruction of checked baggage that contain any perishable items especially food and/or liquids. Since each country has its own rules about what can be brought across borders‚ most of the luggage with perishable items are refused permission to be transported internationally or delayed at the security as there is a risk of contamination. If the checked baggage has food and/ or liquids that are kept from airport security and/or airport customs for further investigation‚ are usually but must be refrigerated and/or must consumed in a short period of time‚ these can be destroyed for health safety reasons with no compensation to the passenger.

Unsuitably or inadequately packed items or checked baggage with perishable items will be accepted at the Car­rier’s discretion and‚ where accepted‚ if they are delayed or destroyed‚ compensation may and will be denied as a result of the aforementioned factors.

According to Blue Bird Conditions of Carriage‚ perishable items are excluded from liability.

If you wish to transport fragile items‚ you will be asked to sign a Limited Release Form when checking your baggage to indicate that the transport of the items is at your own risk. 

For any enquiries in reference to the transport of such dangerous goods please contact the airline for further clarifications and transport approval.