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Cannot be away from your pet at your vacation? We gathered all the important information so you and your pet will have a pleasant and safe flight.


Small pets can be transported in the cabin with their owners.

The carriage of small pets in the cabin of the aircraft is permitted only in a special cage‚ in the maximum size of 55 X 40 X 20 cm. Pet's allowed weight (per one cage) is 8kg. If two pets travel together in one box‚ both should not exceed the allowed weight of 8kg including the cage.

The carriage of small pets in the cabin is subjected to additional fee of 80 per cage‚ even if more than 1 animal is transported in one cage. 


Service and emotional dogs that are accompanying a passenger with special needs are allowed onboard and as long as the occupy a paid seat and subject to the terms and conditions listed in this page. 


Passenger who is flying with a pet is required to accept approval for transporting its pet in advance‚ by fill up the Check List for Pet in Cabin form and send it to bookings@Blue at least 7 days before travel date‚ together with the following documents:

  • Copy of pet’s passport
  • Copy of last anti-rabies vaccination and antibody test
  • Copy of treatment against parasite Echinococcus
  • Copy of health certificate signed and approved by Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Declaration for non-commercial movement 
  • Passengers traveling with pets starting their journey from Europe‚ are obliged to send an import notification and photocopy of all veterinary certificates to the veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture by e-mail: or by fax to: 03-9485869 at least 48 hours prior to flight‚ in order to receive authorization permit to fly pets to Israel. For further information click here required documents

In case of guide/emotional/service dog‚ additionally:

  • Statement from physiatrist indicating the need to travel accompanied by the dog
  • EU Pet Acceptance Form (GOM APPENDIX A.1.3)
  • The passenger should carry a muzzle for the dog‚ in case it is needed to be used
  • The dog should be a member of Assistance Dogs International or International Guide Dog Federation‚ or it has to be fully trained and licensed by a competent authorized organization

If passengers fail to pre-book‚ Blue Bird reserves the right to refuse to carry the equipment during check in with no legal or financial liability towards them.

The passenger must provide a veterinary certificate stating that the pet is vaccinated and has the ability to maintain proper sanitary conditions during the flight and transport.

Please note that all required documents should be displayed at check-in counters‚ together with the animal.


  • Payment for transporting pets is made separately and is not included in the weight of the permitted baggage allowance.
  • It is the passenger’s full responsibility to complete all the forms and documents required to transport animals in the destination or transit country‚ and to check with the destination or transit country to determine its requirements. Blue Bird Airways shall not be held responsible in case an animal is denied transit or entry into another country.
  • The pet must remain in the cage for the full duration of the flight.
  • Transport cages must be spacious enough to allow the animal to stand‚ turn around‚ and lie down comfortably.
  • Passengers are forbidden from resting the cage on their lap during takeoff and landing.
  • Service dog must be secured with a leash‚ harness‚ and mouth barrier from check-in until landing at the destination.
  • Blue Bird Airways reserves the right to refuse transporting of a pet in case the animal exhibits clear and visible signs of illness and/or constitutes a direct threat and/or causes a disturbance in the aircraft and/or its behavior indicates that it has not been trained to behave in public and/or the passenger does not provide all necessary documentation.
  • The captain is authorized to have the animal removed from the aircraft or transferred to the hold if the animal constitutes a safety risk or is clearly disturbing passengers.