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Bluebird Airways operates flights to Kos. We also fly to numerous other destinations in Europe and Greece such as sunny Crete, exquisite Vienna, enchanting Kos, and many more.

We fly direct. Our prices are low and our standards are high.

Our flights to Kos are direct in our Boeing 737. Our professional team of cabin crew will make sure you’ll feel at ease during the flight, from takeoff to landing. We depart from Terminal 3 in Tel Aviv airport.

Our reputation is based on your safety, enjoyment and care - and our high quality teams are dedicated to making sure you’ll be smiling from the first moment you come on board.

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The ultimate beach paradise: Welcome to Kos!

Walking under the sun with the breeze on your face and the sea vibe around you is the joy of visiting Kos. The island of Kos is a little green paradise of blue skies and sandy beaches, full of traditional Greek taverns with delicious food, enchanting music and local surprises. The city center is a reminder of the glorious past of this region, with Kos being part of Greek mythology and poetry for centuries.

In Kos you can also enjoy visiting the historical remains of the Green and Roman empires and see elements that were preserved for ages - in structure but also in culture. Visit the Ancient Agora marketplace, the Plane Tree of Hippocrates, and the relatively newer landmarks such as 14th century castles, cathedral and other beautiful sights.

Most of all, Kos is a place to relax. Grab a drink in a cafe and watch those passing by as you sit in the shade of beautiful old trees full of flowers, relax in the park, or visit beach shops that has fun memorabilia before you hit the beach. Enjoy busy beaches, find new ones no one knows about, drink up the sun and the atmosphere, and make great memories with friends and family. At night, you can  visit the dynamic streets of the city, all full of pubs, clubs and cafes, packed with tourists from all over the world coming to relax, party and enjoy life.

If you’re looking for the perfect beach paradise in a small city with all the food, fun and relaxation you can wish for, then Kos is the ultimate vacation for you.